Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Killens Pond 2008

Another successful camping trip at Killens Pond, Good food, Good company, Good time.

We prepared for the worst and received the worst, but that didn't stop us.

It rained so hard one night that there was a small creek, pronounced "crick" here in Philly, running under the dining tent.
I'm still drying things out and I'm still a little rattled from when Jim knocked the water off the canopy, I swear the trailer hopped a foot.

Bruce took some awesome pics of a Fox and a Beaver in their natural environment, they actually appeared to be posing.

Eric, I'm glad you could make this trip.

The Dining canopy worked out great as well as the tarps. Jim thanks for the Tarp Donation.
Looks like for now on we will be bringing the Canopy and tarps.

Alright how did our "Turkey Dinner" compare to the Turkey Dinner on Thanksgiving.

Turkey, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, corn, Cranberry Sauce, Asparagus and lets not forget the Homemade Key Lime Pie and Apple Pie thanks Amanda and Bea.
I really liked the slow cooked stuffing although it was a bit salty.
The turkey was extremely moist, Brining definitely is the way to go. There wasn't much left over from the 22 lb bird

Looks like our staple food is now Russet Potatoes, The skinless kind...Yes, PUN INTENDED Adam!

I did miss having Jerkey, but the Biltong wasn't bad.

All was fine until that rowdy crew in the PUP pulled up next to us.

The pallets worked out well also, we will definitely be bringing pallets along with the Russets, next trip, but I will slice the potatoes (using the guard).

The wind picked up a bit Saturday, so we added more tarps.
Plus we didn't want to disturb our asshole neighbor. I think next Killens trip I will bring 1/2 dozen tarps to completely box us in. I am sure "Mr. Sensitive ears" will complain about that.
Personally I think its a personal issue with this guy.

As Bruce Demonstrates here, Oil burns!

Now to get a little mushy.
It is such a pleasure camping with guys that jump right in with the cooking, cleaning, setup, breakdown, maintenance etc...
It makes the trips that much more enjoyable.

Some random pics

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